We cooperate with the world’s leading manufacturers of the above products, all of which have ISO certificates of quality control. They are all of superb quality and reasonably priced. We cooperate, among others, with Japan’s Tsubaki company, the world’s leading manufacturer of top quality chains. As we take our business very seriously, we also cooperate with the CIAH laboratory of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade, which carries out the final quality control of all our products.

Thanks to cooperation with all these companies, GATING is perfectly placed to offer the Serbian market, as well as the markets of the neighbouring countries, continuous supply with all types of belts and roller chains of supreme quality under very favourable conditions. 

We can accommodate the requests of our clients in terms of quality as well as the range of products. We deliver our products from our storage depot in Belgrade, and in cooperation with our business partners we manufacture all types of roller and transport chains, to meet the specific requirements of our clients, as set out in the technical documents and designs that we receive.

We invite all companies in Serbia and in the territory of the former Yugoslavia that are using this type of products to contact us for cooperation. We are certain that you will be satisfied with the prices, quality and quick delivery of our products.